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City Planet. Home to the jedi council.
Ice planet. Rebel base.
Desert planet. The home of the generations of the all-time gamgster Jabba the Hutt
Rural planet. The home of the gungans.
Volcanic planet on which Obi Wan and Anakin have they're epic battle.
The planet where General Greivous sets up a base in one of the craters.
The original birth and training facility of the republic's clone army
A levitating city among the clouds
The swamp-like planet. Home to the hiding Yoda.
A small, rundown city-like planet with enough energy to power 3 planets.
A very overgrown plant infested planet. Has no real important history.
A meeting center for the leaders of the Seperatists. Station for CIS droid cloning
A very basic planet on which its fourth moon was the rebel base and host of the launched attack on the first Death Star.
Not actually a planet, but has, deep in its forest, the shield generator for the second Death Star.
The decoy planet for one of the rebel bases.
Princess Leia's adoptive home.
The asteroid on which Luke and Leia were born.
The second clone training station until it was invaded by the Seperatists
Wookie base. Land surrounding a vast body of water
Origin of the sport of podracing
Home to all sorts of exiled criminals

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