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What is the second Steven King storyThree Kings
Who has wooden limbsVaries
What does Yoda say is worse than the rotting old woman from The ShiningSomething Something Something Dark Side
What does Peter set as a decoy when he hides when he gets the flannel feety pajamas.No Meals On Wheels
What is the original name of pLace???????????????????????????????????
What is the name of their Texas neighborsBoys Do Cry
A portion of Peters showPTV
What did Lois call Stewie while they owned their own countryE Peterbus Unum
The only thing that can survive a nuclear explosion is a...Da Boom!
What was Stewie's alter ego's name when he goes to Chris and Meg's high schoolMcStroke
What type of dynamite does Peter blow his fingers off with...And The Wiener Is
What car does the Black Knight driveMr. Saturday Knight
The Jew that helps Peter with his money issuesWhen You Wish Upon A Weinstein
When Brian gets arrested, how much pot does he have on him420
What does the tank protect Meg from that the sedan doesn'tHell Comes To Quahog
What is Stewie drinking when he beats BrianPatriot Games
What is The Don eating when Peter asks for his favorTheres Something About Paulie
What car key do Lois' parents have in their candy jarYou May Now Kiss The Uhhh...Guy Who Receives
What does Lois ask Brian to buy when he gets a taxiDeep Throats
What does Brian say Stewie looks like when he goes on steroidsStew-roids
What song does Stewie compose a music video to for Joe and Bonnies newborn babyOceans 3.5
What is the word that stumps Omar in the spelling beeTales Of A Third Grade Nothing
What caused the bickering between Peter and Ernie the Giant ChickenVaries
What car does Brian ask the valet to get himPeter Peter Caviar Eater
Who sings little departure tunes at the Pawtucket BreweryWasted Talent
What does Meg order Peter to do which he immediately doesDial Meg For Murder
What color are Janets eyesDammit Janet
What holiday is it for Carter's workersPadra De Familia
What is the last thing Peter finds in the veteranarians officeLong John Peter
What does Meg use to lure Neil into violating` their contract8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter
What is the sexual harassment lawyers nameI Am Peter Hear Me Roar
Where does Peter suggest Anna goes in the play The King And IThe King Is Dead
What is the old pedophile's nameVaries
What temperature does Lois tell Peter to turn the oven to before she goes to kill StewieLois Kills Stewie
Who is the awful musician that they occasionally urn to when the need a distractionVaries
What was the lawyers name that Carter sends to the Rancor pitPeterotica
What movie do Peter and Lois stumble upon in the hotelNorth By North Quahog
What does one of the fat guys spit up near the woodsFat Guy Strangler
What does Stewie give to Brian when they see the tanksRoad To Germany
What is Adam West doing at the SpaBaby Not On Board
Who wrote the song Peter is obsessing overI Dream Of Jesus
How does Peter divorce Meg in the story of his past lifePeters Progress
What did Brian do to Lauren Conrad that makes him think their relationship is ruinedWe Love You Conrad
What commercial do the Griffins see when in their fugitive homeBraking Out Is Hard To Do
Who does Peter fall on from the Drunken ClamBlind Ambition
How do Brian and Stewie get away from Ruperts temporary ownerRoad To Rupert
How does Stewie get revenge on Mother MaggieRoad To Europe
What does Stewies mutant pig have that startles BrianRoad To Multi-verse
What song does Peter say he wants to find a drum to playUntold Griffin Family History
What does the Sergeant say that the only thing Quahog has isSaving Private Brian
While meeting up with an old bully, what does Peter think the diagnosis MS meansThe Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou
What do Bill & Peter steal from the farmerBill & Peters Bogus Journey
What was the doll to which Chris says 'That's Immitatable'Mr Griffin Goes To Washington
What do the Griffins call people from New YorkLethal Weapons
How many beers did Peter drink while he was immortalDeath Is A Bitch
What does Peter say he'll get Meg if she covers for Peter knocking out the cableI Never Met The Dead Man
What was the name of the fallen treeThe Son Also Draws
What was the first Family Guy episode------------------------------------------
Where does Peter say he took a wrong turn at when his head pops out of Meg's rectumPetergeist
How many time does Peter say Star Light ExpressExtra-Large Medium
What is the name of Carter's yachtBusiness Guy
What do Brian amd Stewie see in the desertAnd Bango Was His Name O
What do they think they see (from above)And Bango Was His Name O
Where did the toads come fromLet's Go To The Hop

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