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Forced Order
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Which character is played by Bradley Cooper?
Which character is played by Jason Bartha?
Which character is played by Ed Helms?
Which character is played by Zach Galifianakis?
Which character is played by Ken Jeong?
Who is getting married?
To whom?
Where does the Bachlor Brunch happen?
Where are the Jonas Brothers the weekend of the wedding?
Who do they meet at the airport?
What does Stu's future father in law call Stu?
The guys wake up where after the campfire on the beach?
Alan wakes up with a ...?
Stu wakes up with a ...?
They find this in a bowl of water...?
This startles them while Stu is looking at his tattoo...?
Who is missing?
How does Chow 'die'?
Where do they hide the body?
Doug 'finds' Teddy Where ...?
It is really a ...?
What bar did they destroy?
What is the name of the stripper?
Who gets shot?
What did Alan spike with muscle relaxers?
Who do they meet on top of the Lebua Hotel?
What does he want?
Where is it hidden?
The monkey 'works' as a ...?
Kingsley is really an ...?
Where do they find Teddy?
What is the name of Chow's Speed Boat?
What is Alan's wedding present
What does Teddy find on his Phone

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