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Can you name the events of December 23rd ?

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This British Monarch fled the country during the Glorious Revolution.1688
This Russian Czar who battled Napoleon was born. 1777
This man resigned as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.1783
This founder of Mormonism was born.1805
This Federal Institution was signed into law..1913
This current Japanese Emperor was born 1933
This living fossil was 'rediscovered' in the waters off South Africa.1938
This electronic component vital for modern electronics was first demonstrated. 1947
The North Tower of this NYC complex was topped to become the tallest building in the world at the time.1970
The cannibalistic survivors of this flight were rescued.1972
This type of UAV was shot down by an Iraqi MiG 25 . Resulting in the first combat between UAVs and Aircraft.2002
This country became a federal republic.2007

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