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This Chinese dynasty took over. They reigned for three centuries.618
The French under the leadership of this individual won the Battle of Patay changing the tide of the Hundred Years' War. 1429
This island was first Spotted by the English.1767
The USA declared war on this country.1812
This battle cost Napoleon his crown for the second time.1815
This individual was fined for voting in the previous year's presidential election.1873
The youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II was born. (her death is more famous though) Name her.1901
This Norwegian polar explorer was killed in a rescue effort. 1928
This British singer of Beatles and Wings fame is born.1942
The eldest son of Saddam Hussein was born. Name him.1965
This woman became the first American woman in space.1983
This notorious bomber was indicted on ten criminal counts.1996

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