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An adhesive composition or substance to be applied to wounds or sores; a healing ointment.
A preparation of vegetables, as lettuce, celery, water cress, onions, etc., usually dressed with salt, vinegar, oil, and spice
To produce saliva, especially in excess.
Having a propensity to venery; lustful; lecherous.
A large, spicy, and dry sausage that is usually eaten cold
The recompense or consideration paid, or stipulated to be paid, to a person at regular intervals for services
The act of selling; the transfer of property, or a contract to transfer the ownership of property, from one person to another for a valuable consideration, or for a price in money.
Consisting of salt, or containing salt
Moving by leaps or springs; leaping; bounding; jumping
Having a yellowish color; of a pale, sickly color, tinged with yellow
Any one of several species of fishes of the genus Salmo and allied genera.
Popularly, a public room for specific uses; especially, a barroom or grogshop.
The chloride of sodium, a substance used for seasoning food, for the preservation of meat, etc
A sign, token, or ceremony, expressing good will, compliment, or respect, as a kiss, a bow, etc.

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