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Who does Voldemort kill, thinking that he can gain control over the elder wand?
What house was Cedric Diggory in?
Who was Ron disguised as in the Ministry in the 7th book
What is Peter Pettigrew's nickname?
What do Harry and Ron meet in the Forest in the second book?
Who destroyed Salazar Slytherin's locket?
What was Rita Skeeter's book about Dumbledore called?
Who is the editor of 'The Quibbler'? (Just Last Name)
Who killed the Ravenclaw ghost?
Where is the Diadem hidden?
How many Horcruxes are there (including Harry himself)?
Who's death causes Harry to attempt his first unforgivable curse? (Book 5)
What is the unforgivable curse used to torture?
Which unforgivable curse is used to kill? _______ Kedavra
What is Harry's middle name?
True of False: The Half-Blood Prince is the 3rd book
Dolores Umbridge was Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in which book?
What is the object outside Umbridge's office?
In which book is there a Triwizard Tournament? (Book number)
Who was Ron's date to the Yule ball? (Book 4)
What is James Potter's nickname?
Who created this quiz?
Who told Harry that history was repeating itself in the 2nd book?
What is Sirius Black's nickname?
Who was Harry disguised as in the Ministry in the 7th book?
What was Neville's toad's name?
What is Peter Pettigrew's animagus?
What is Moony's real name
Who tortured Neville's parents
What is the Dursleys' house number?
What is Neville's last name
What is the title of the 5th movie?
Who opened the Chamber of Secrets the second time?
What was the evil centaur's name in Book 1, when Harry was serving detention in the Forbidden Forest?
What room does Voldemort kill Snape in?
What is the name of the plant that trapped Harry, Ron, and Hermione towards the end of the first book? The_________ Snare
What was the Sorcerer's Stone called in the book's previous version? The____________ Stone
What is the platform number for the Hogwarts Express
True or False: The House that Harry was placed in was Gryffindor
Who told Harry about the Marauder's Map in the third book? ___ and ____
Who was killed in the Chamber of Secrets the first time?
Finish this sentence: In the second book, Harry, Ron, and Hermione spent time in Myrtle's bathroom, because they were brewing _________.
Who was the maker of the Sorcerer's stone?
What is the weapon used to destroy Helga Hufflepuff's cup? The _________ Fang
Who is the only person/creature/supernatural being that Peeves is scared of?
What is the hallow that Harry used to bring his parents back? The__________ Stone
Who was Harry's date to the Yule ball? (Book 4)
What did the instructor use the thre D's to teach in the sixth book?
Who killed Dobby?
Who told Tom Riddle about the Horcruxes?
Who carelessly left the Gryffindor common room password lying around in the third book?
Severus Snape was Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher in which book?
How did Harry and Ron get into the ministry in the 7th book? They___ themselves down a _____
Who is the Ravenclaw ghost?
What kind of post is 'normal' for Molly Weasly? _____ Post
What is the unforgivable curse used to control?

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