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'...I'll boy him off in front of the gal, let man know who's wicked and bad...'
'...Think you're a big boy because you go gym? Bullets will cave your whole face in...'
'...The way I battle I battle like I'm a winner, Eat you for breakfast lunch brunch and dinner...'
'...Might see me in Greengate with a few teammates outside of the Greengate pub...'
'..Dash man straight off the roof, Whoooaaaaaahhh...'
'...I picked up a Q, Every 5 minutes, got 2 shots, Never get caught with the white in the pocket, Get rid of the 8ball in couple shots...'
'...I wear my own pants, I'm in the manor rolling with dirty stank...'
'...This little piggy thinks i weren't robbing, That i never had food and I weren't shotting, Alright lets get this thing popping, One skeng, one bullet and I'll but it on him...'
'...Look at me I'm an artist your an emcee, I'm soon to be known like Dracula...'
'...Boy Better Know that I roll with the Dog, and if i tell him to bark he's guna put teeth in you, Bet that will bring out the chief in you...'

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