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Can you name the Christmas-related answers for each letter of the alphabet?

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ClueWordLetter of the Alphabet
You might use a calendar to mark the days of this season, beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.A
Word between 'jingle' and 'rock.'B
You can buy sugar ones of these with trees, snowmen, or reindeer on them.C
One of the three reindeer with names beginning with 'D.'D
You can get this milk- or cream-based drink alcoholic or virgin.E
This jolly happy soul didn't get his black eyes in a fight.F
His heart was two sizes too small, according to Dr. SeussG
You can deck the halls with this festive plant, but don't eat the berries!H
Frozen drops of water often found hanging from porches.I
Word before 'Green Giant' or 'Old St. Nicholas'J
Another name for Santa Claus deriving from the Pennsylvania Dutch.K
Don't get on the naughty one of these - you might get coal in your stocking!L
One of the three wise men's gifts.M
ClueWordLetter of the Alphabet
'Christmas' en Espanol.N
Decorations, typically glass balls, hung on Christmas trees.O
The colored part of this 'flower' is actually the plant's leaves.P
Mary Chapin Carpenter's 'On a [this] Christmas Morn.'Q
Besides green, the color typically associated with Christmas.R
You can jingle all the way in this horse-drawn vehicle.S
A sparkly garland-like decoration meant to imitate the effect of ice crystals.T
To carefully remove the paper covering on a present, perhaps in order to reuse it next year.U
Word often put before 'Mary' to describe the mother of Christ.V
Hopefully you're happy tonight, walking in a winter [this].W
An abbreviated form of the word Christmas.X
Word commonly found before 'log' around Christmas time.Y
You might have a casserole for Christmas dinner made with this vegetable.Z

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