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In 1824, during the election for president in America, Clay and Adams apparently made a deal having Clay drop out and become Secretary of State for Adams
In 1828, a protectionist tariff with Adams's blessing raised taxes on imported British goods in American & it led to South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia to consider nullification
In 1828, a woman who was married to the Secretary of War was shunned by the wife of Vice President Calhoun in America & this led to Andrew Jackson firing his entire cabinet
In 1832, a nullification convention was called in South Carolina which almost led to a secession and a civil war until Henry Clay stepped in & the states nullified their nullificat
In 1832, a senator from Massachusetts and a senator from South Carolina had an ongoing debate in the US Senate & showed the very different stances of the North and South
In 1830, Andrew Jackson issued an act that wanted to remove Native American east of the Mississippi River & this led to the Trail of Tear
In 1832, Henry Clay and his supporters created a new political party in the US & managed to elect two presidents and re-establish the two party system in American politics
In 1842, a Massachusetts Supreme Court Car that ended up allowing unions to be made
In 1845, during the wave of Irish immigration to America, there were Americans who viewed the new immigrants as threats to jobs, and politics & this led to anti-Catholic riots
In the 1830s and 40s, a religious revival in reaction to Deism/Unitarians and others who taught reason not religion occurred in America in the various churches & led to new churche
In 1848, Mott, Stanton, Anthony, and other men and women met at Seneca Falls for a convention & this accelerated the feminist movement in US history
In 1830, Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in America & they founded Salt Lake City and were the reason Utah was delayed statehood for decades
In 1837, Martin Van Buren dealt with a depression in the US & the Divorce Bill he created to save the country later becomes the Federal Reserve System

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