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What polysaccharide is stored by animals (ex. in liver and muscle cells) for fuel?
Fats, oils, waxes, and steroids are part of a class of organic compounds called:
What proteins regulate metabolisms by acting as catalysts to cellular chemical reactions?
Fat is constructed from two small molecules: _________ and fatty acids.
What type of protein molecules assist in the proper folding of other proteins?
What type of transport protein transports oxygen?
A ________ interaction contributes to a protein's TERTIARY structure.
One or more polypeptides folded and coiled into specific conformations makes up a:
A phosphate, a pentose, and a nitrogen base make up a:
DNA belongs to the class of compounds known as _______ acids.
Give one of the two families of nitrogenous bases.
What polysaccharide plays a major part in enclosing plant calls?
What is the reverse of a dehydration reaction?
What specific kind of covalent bond joins two monosaccharides to make a disaccharide?
Saturated fatty acids are saturated with ____ bonded to the carbon skeleton.
What happens to a protein as it unravels and loses its native conformation due to environmental changes? (one word)
What type of lipids are characterized by a carbon skeleton consisting of four fused rings?
A _______ protein coordinates an organism's activities.

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