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the guy with the lightning scar
red hair and a rat named scabbers
a cat named crookshanks
a half giant that lives in a hut outside of Hogwarts
head of gryffindor
head of slytherin
1st book/movie
2nd book/movie
3rd book/movie
4th book/movie
5th book/movie
6th book/movie
7th book/movie
HintAnswerExtra Info
herbology teacher
keeper of the gryffindor quidditch team years 1-5
position that harry plays in quidditch
dark wizard that killed harry's parents
harry's godfather
person who put harry's name in the goblet of fire
person that was with harry when the went to the graveyard because the trophy was a portkey (he got killed)
schools participating in the triwizard tournament
snooty reporter for the daily prophet years 1-4
ghost in the prefect girls bathroom
who did harry want to take to the yule ball
who did he actually take to the yule ball
house elf of the malfoys
draco malfoy's 'possy'
what are voldemort's followers called
profesor who used to be a death eater
what is a major tournament that harry went to but was confronted by death eaters

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