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Term ServedPresidentHint
1789-1797Come on you know this one!!!!
1797-1801Nicknamed Father of the Navey and died on the same day as Thomas Jefferson
1801-1809Was a terrible public speaker
1809-1817Nicknamed Father of the Constitution
1817-1825The first president to ride on a steamboat
1825-1829Had an alligator as a pet
1829-1837Nicknamed Old Hickory
1837-1841First president born as an American citizen
1841Caught pneumonia while giving a speech on a cold rainy day in march, and died a month later in his first year as president
1841-1845Had the most children of any president (15)
1845-1849Died of cholera
1849-1850Was a general in the army
1850-1853Didn't go to school as a child so didn't really know how to read
1853-1857First president to put a Christmas tree in the White House
1857-1861Had an elephant as a pet
Term ServedPresidentHint
1861-1865You should know this one too!!
1865-1869First president to be impeached
1869-1877Favorite breakfast was cucumbers soaked in vinegar
1877-1881First president to use the telephone
1881First left-handed president and was assassinated
1881-1885People believed that he was born in Canada
1885-1889Married in the White House
1889-1893Had an opposum as a pet
1893-1897Served as 22nd president
1897-1901Was assassinated but lived eight days after he was shot
1901-1909The Teddy Bear was named after him
1909-1913Largest man ever to be president and got stuk in the White House bathtub once
1913-1921During last year, he suffered a stroke that paralyzed his left side
1921-1923Died of a heart attack while president and played poker two times a week
1923-1929First president to be born on July 4th

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