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God damns and saves equally without reference to a persons virtues and vices
what order did Luther join?
a monetary offering that could count as a form of penance
belief that the bread changes to the body of Christ when you consume it
Luther's idea that scripture is the only reliable source
believed that faith alone (sola fide) can get you into heaven
Catholic belief that the bread becomes the body of Christ when the priest blesses it
saw the sacraments just as a way to publicly demonstrate one's faith; an 'oath'
believed in the real presence of the Holy Spirit at Mass, but not transubstantiation
was a mercenary soldier and political activist
who believes that faith and good works get you into Heaven
who vowed to become a monk during a thunderstorm
year Luther published 95 theses
wrote 'Institutes of the Christian Religion'
tried to fuse the church and state in Zurich

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