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Name the mythical creature by reading the description. Some are semi-hard. I got this idea from someone else, I only edited it a bit to make it more accurate. :) Have fun!

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Greek titan that holds up the sky
Half human half horse
Lion body, snake-head tail, goat head protrudes from back
Golden Fleece
One-eyed giant
Fire-breathing lizard
Tree spirit
Short human-like creature
Female demon with mismatched legs and firey hair
Small winged creature
Arabic human-like being; grants wishes
Large human-like being
Elemental earth spirit
Jewish humanoid animated staue
Snake-haired sisters
Mischeivous mechanics
Half lion half eagle
Many-headed serpent
Celtic shape-shifting water spirit
Gigantic Scandinavian squid
Titan that ate his godly children
Mends shoes at the end of a rainbow
Water spirit
Scottish sea monster
Scorpion tail, lion body, human head
Half human half fish
Half human half bull
Nine goddesses of the arts
Large hyena-like African cryptid
Ugly, malevolent human-like creatures
Dual-headed dog
Flying horse
Bird of fire (rises from its ashes)
Small, mischeivous, human-like being
Serpentine, ocean-dwelling monster
A human that can shift into a seal with a special skin in the water
Winged creature whose singing lures sailors to die
Woman-headed, winged lion
Mythical bird thought to bring storms
Father of all monsters (Greek)
Single-horned horse
Norse flying warrior woman
Corpse that drinks the blood of the living
Person that transforms into a wolf under the full moon
Cannabalistic forest giant
A light seen hovering over swamps
A woman with magical powers
A man with magical powers
Headless dog
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