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Can you name the Grace by Jeff Buckley?

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Forced Order
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Jeff Buckley plays what type of rock?
Buckley died aged?
Name one instrument that accompanies Buckley
IN the score, the music is written in what?
What tuning is used in Grace?
Which means what string is changed?
The drums and guitar play what patterns during the song?
The drums and guitar play what type of chords?
What drop in and out of the piece, thus less prominent?
These are used vary what?
A digital effect used to make the music fluctuate
A digital effect that gives 2 copies of the same signal, the second being slightly delayed producing a swirling or sweeping effect
Meaning of EQ
What sort of structure is it in?
Key of the song
The chords in the song move in
Which means that they move in .... Steps
The harmonies are ....... (meaning considered to be unstable)
Grace has a two octave ...... (meaning range)
The vocal phrases are ...... phrases
Ornaments such as slides are used, slides are also known as
The word setting is syllabic, but there are some ..... (meaning emphasizing the words e.g. Fire in the chorus)
Other word for wordless singing
Used to produce high notes by men
The metre is ....
What drum plays on beats 1+3?
What drum plays on beats 2+4?
What does this drum play?
The melody line contains frequent .....
What rhythms are created by the use of 2 against 3 rhythm?

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