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Can you name the Facts about Chopin's Raindrop Prelude?

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Start Date of the Romantic Period
End Date of the Romantic Period
The music is more ..... than older times
What types of harmonies are used?
Name an example of another important composer in the romantic period
What year was Chopin born?
What year did Chopin die?
Chopin was what nationality?
Where did Chopin spend his career?
What is the proper name for the Raindrop Prelude?
What is used to impersonate raindrops?
How many preludes were there?
These preludes were called?
They were composed in?
Where are you most likely to hear the Raindrop Prelude?
The Prelude is written in what form?
Section A is in which key?
Section B is in what key?
Section A could be described as having its own .... form
The Prelude is in what time signature?
Which is how many crotchet beats per bar?
In bars 4 and 23, there is a ....
Which is how many notes in a crotchet beat?
In bar 79, there s a .....
Which is how many beats in a crotchet beat?
What is written at the start of the piece?
Which means...
How should the piece be played?
Which means...
What is used in the recorded performance of the Prelude?
The melody opens with a ..... rhythm
The prelude opens with a lyrical meoldy in which hand?
In bar 4, there is what type of ornament?
In bar 11, there is what type of ornament?
The B Section melody is in which hand?
What a narrower range of notes called?
The harmony is mainly? (of the Key)
Although there are many ........
Both sections end with what type of cadence?
But the prelude ends on what type of cadence?
What type of pedal is heard throughout the piece?
The piece is mainly ....phonic
In Section A, what is in the left hand?
The texture of Section is a lot more ....
There is a ...phonic passage in the coda
There are many crescendos and ........
There are some PPs, which means?
There are some FFs, which means?
Section ... climaxes with a 2 FFs
Most of the Prelude is in middle or ..... ranges of the piano
The Prelude is not difficult to play, so it is not .....
The piece could be described as 'in a singing style' or ......
Which pedal helps produce its resonance?

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