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By which 3 ways are drugs given for the treatment of AsthmaAirways...
 When airways are not available
  when administration by nebulisation is inadequate or inappropriate
During pregancy what is the preferred route
What should asthmatic women who are pregnant be counselled on?taking their medication to maintain control
How where should severe attacks of asthma in pregnancy be treated?
What 2 treatments should be given to all patients with a severe acute asthma attack?
What two routes can salbutamol be given during an emergency?
How many puffs of 100mcg salbutamol should be in the spacer?Between
How many minutes should you wait before giving a second dose?
If a patient has life threatening features, how should the salbutamol/terbutaline be given?
What dose of prednisolone should be given (between mg)
For what period of time should this be given?
If steroids can not be given by mouth, what drug should be given IV?
What dose should be given? (in mg)
How often should this be given?
In severe or life-threatening asthma what should also be considered?
How often should this be repeated (mins)For the first 2 hours
What are the other 2 options?
Which vaccinations should be given to people with COPD?
What is the most effective treatment for COPD
Is COPD reversible?
What is bronchitis?
What is Emphysema?
What is FEV1?
How is FEV1 measured?
What is treatments are used in mild COPD?
What is the treatment if continued exacerbations or breathlessness if FEVis great to or equal to 50?
If FEV is less than 50% or there is consistent breathlessness what should be given with the LABAIn combination inhaler
ICS LAMA LABA is described as what therapy?
In what ways is COPD diagnosed?What value is the FER less than?
If in doubt should you treat the patient?
The UPLIFT trial identified that a LAMA is more effective than a LABA. True or False?
If a LAMA is started what should happen to the SAMA?
TORCH trial identified which SABA + ICS combo brand as effective?
If a patient is unable to use an inhaler what 2 options are available?
What is first line for asthma?
Step 2 should be initiated when?how many times a week is salbutamol needed?
 Night time symptoms how many times a week?
 Exacerbation in the last how many years?
What is the starting dose for ICS (beclomethasone)
What is the max dose of beclomethasone in mcg?
Convert 400mcg beclomethasone to budesonide
Convert 400mcg beclomethasone to qvar/fostair
What can be used instead of LABA, SABA. ICS as stage 3? Both reliever and maintenance
Salbutamol can be used 2 puffs how many times a day?
What drug is a SAMA?
What drug is LAMA
What is the max dose of Atrovent? (in mcg please include frequency e.g QDS,TDS or BD2 puffs
What is the max dose of spiriva? (as above)2 puffs
Theophylline is brilliant for the treatment of COPD. True or false?
The concentration of theophylline is increased in what?
Theophylline concentrations are decreased in?
What is the required theophylline plasma level?
Which day should theophylline levels be done?
What must you be carefull when starting in COPD
In acute exacerbation of COPD, what dose of prednisolone should be given?
In acute exacerbation of COPD, how long should prednisolone should be given?please give a duration (in days)
What are the two first line treatments for infective exacerbation?
Terbutaline dose? (mcg)One puff qds
Terbutaline is used as a what?
What vaccination is recommended for COPD patients?

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