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Mild croup can be streated with a single dose of what?(150mcg/kg)
For more severe croup which can not be treated with corticosteroid, what should be used?400mcg/kg
Should K+ be monitored in severe asthma?
What dose of salbutamol is taken orally?(in mg)
For how long should a SABA give releif? (in hours)
At least how long does it take for a SAMA to take effect?(in mins)
What are the 2 main symptoms of theophylline toxicity
What should the levels be for theophylline?
What day should levels be checked?
When should they be checked on that day? hours
Salbutamol is selective for beta1 true or false?
Symbicort contains what?alphabetical order
Seretide contains what?
LABAs should be stopped if ineffective. True or false?
Parentral beta2 agonist dose should be ajusted according to what?
A space device should be used for those children below what age?
Can beta2 agonists cause diabetic ketoacidosis?
Bambuterol is a pro-drug of which drug?
Bambuterol is given orally to treat what?
Max dose of salmeterol in puffs and frequencyuse latin abbreviations
For terbutaline how many puffs and frequency
Ephedrine max dose and frequency?
What is the most common symptom of Antimuscarinics?
How many times a day is tiotropium given?
Does theophylline cause hyperkalaemia?
How often should theophylline be given?latin abreviation
Theophylline M/R should be specified by brand name. Yay or Nay?
Combivent is a combination of which drugs?Alphabetical no commar
Glaucoma can be caused by MA. Y or N?
How often should spacers be replaced?in months
How often should they be cleaned? Once a 'x'
How many days before ICS start working
Spacers for ICS should be used below what age?
If a patient has been taking oral steroid for 2 weeks can the dose be stopped suddenly? T or F
If a patient has been taking oral steroids for 3 weeks can you stop taking them immediatly?
Montelukast is a?
Montelukast should be used how many times a day and at what time?Use latin
What is the PD-4 inhibitor?
What should be monitored when taking Rofluminast?
How many times a day should Rofluminast be given?Latin
Patients taking Rofluminast should be given what before starting treatment?Record body weight at regular intervals
What type of antihistamine should be avoided in liver impairment?
What type of 'task' should be avoided when taking antihistamines?
They dose of antihistamines should be adjusted in what organ disease?
Desensitizing vaccines should be avoid in which 3 scenarios?
 taking which drug
 taking which drug
When taking a desensitizing vacine how long should the patient be monitored?Hour/s
Name four signs of hypersensitivity
Omalizumab is an anti what?
It is last line in the treatment of what?
What syndrome occurs commonly with Omalizumab treatment?
Treatment should be stopped if a response has not been seen after how many weeks?
Children must be over what age to use this drug?
First line treatment for anaphylaxis is what 3 things?
On discharge the patient should receive what 2 drugs for 3 days to reduce risk of further reaction?
Doxapram is a what?
It can be used when what is contraindicated?
Oxygen saturation should be what?Range in %
For patients at risk of hypercapnic respiratory failure the range should be?
In acute severe asthma should high or low concentration of oxygen be given?
In COPD should high or low concentration oxygen be given?
Less than what percentage oxygen for COPD should be given?In %
Carbocisteine is a what?
They should be stopped if therapy does not work after how many weeks?
What is the dose of carbocisteine? and frequencymg 6 times a day
Cough suppressants can be used for any cough. T or F?
Name the 2 cough suppressants?
In palliative care what two drugs can be used (but rarely)
Demulcents contain soothing substances such as?
Paediatric symple linctus is useful in who?It's harmless!!
Sudafed contains which decongestant?
They should not be used in patients taking what antidepressant?
What is the max frequencylatin

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