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What blood vessel is blood taken for routine blood tests
What are the three cellular elements of blood (scientific names)?
What are the three cellular elements of blood (scientific names)?
What are the three cellular elements of blood (scientific names)?
What common disease state does a red blood cell test identify
What does a packed cell volume (PCV) measure?
What does the mean cell volume (MCV) measure
What does a raised MCV suggest
Reduced MCV suggest?
Haemoglobin concentration is reduced in which state?
What does MCHC test for?
What 3 things do raised white cells suggest
What 3 things do raised white cells suggest
What 3 things do raised white cells suggest
What is the normal refence range for white cell count? (x10 9)
Raised Eosinophils suggest what kind of condition
What cancer are basophils raised?
Reduced lymphocytes suggest what kind of deficiency?
What is a normal platelet count?
What condition sees reduced platelet count?
What commonly prescribed drugs causes reduced platelet count?
Raised platelet count is due to malignant dieases of which tissue?
What do blood coagulation test measure?
What is a normal prothrombin time
Patients not on any anticoagulation will have an INR of?
What is the usual anticoagulation target for TREATED patients?
Name one of the situations where a patient has an INR target of 3.5
What is the usual concentration of Na+ in the blood
What is the usual concentration of K+ in the blood
How many mmol of potassium is required per day?
What is the major route of elimination of potassium?
Causes of low potassium
Long term effects of low K+
What is the most common drug cause of decreased potassium concentration?
Which first line antihypertensives are potassium sparing
Main 2 symptoms of low K+
What drug must you be especially careful with low K+ levels?
What are the two options for K+ replacement? (tablet and syrup)
Potassium replacement should be at least 'X'mmol per day for 4 or 5 days. What is X?
According to the BNF when is k+ replacement necessary?
Will people with renal disfunction have increased or decreased K+ levels? (with no symptoms)
Name some causes of high potassium
What is classed as mild hyperkalaemia (greater than)
What is the treatment?
Treatment of severe hyperkalaemia
What concentration of K+ is regarded as an emergency
Raised liver enzymes suggest what?
For how many hours should a patient fast before a liver function test?
What drug increases GGT and ALP levels?
Are albumin levels higher or lower in liver disease?
Is bilirubin raised or lowered in liver impairment?
ALT is a marker for what type of damage?
Is AST specific to liver disease?
GGT is most useful for measuring what addictive illness
AP is raised in which diseases?
What type of thyroid hormone is active?
In hypothyroidism what is raised?
In hypothyroidism what is reduced?
Name 2 drugs which alter thyroid levels.
Which electrolyte is used to monitor kidney function?
When talking to patients you should tell them their results are not normal. True or false?
When interpreting lab results you should take into account the effect of drugs. True or false?
Both men and womens reference ranges are exactly the same for all lab results. True or false?

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