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In a treatment of a STEMI what drugs should be used immediately?component of air
 Along with an antiemetic (usually metoclopramide)
 180mg (prasugrel60mg) clopidogrel 600mg stat if previous stroke or TIA
What procedure should then happen to the patient?
What test must be performed before PCI?
NSTEMI- TIMI score is the risk of a secondary ACS in the next how many days?
What is the initial treatment of NSTEMI?300mg
 2.5mg s/c or LMWH (in this trust)
 on going pain
 with metoclopramide prn
 Those who are likely to have angiography
Normal troponin is < what?
Long term management after PCI?75mg
 90mg bd
 Verapamil or diltiazem if contraindicated
 25mg LV heart failure (EF less than 35%)
Ticagrelor Should not be used in which 3 cases?History of
 History of
 Taking (e.g. Clarythromycin

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