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The two types of ACS are differentiated between by what test?
Stable angina (SA) should be treated with which drug first line?
By which route should this be given?
When using the spray which dose (mcg) and frequency should be used?Use latin
GTN should be taken; before, during or after exercise?
How many attacks per week before starting regular angina medication?
Which 2 drugs are 1st line along with GTN?alphabetical order
Which one of these should not be used in those patients with LV dysfunction?(be specific)
Which 2 drugs are rate limiting CCBs?
If either a ccb of bb alone fails to control the symptoms then what is the next choice?
If this is not possible what 4 things should be used?
If both can not be used can mono therapy be used with the aforementioned drugs?
How often should treatment be assessed in weeks?(give a range)
Which other drugs should be used as prevention of CV events?Alphabetical order
Which other drug should also be considered?
What should you advise about sexual activity? i) Have no sex or ii)if they can briskly climb up and down two flights of stairs without any symptoms of angina, sexual activity is unIf sexual activity does precipitate an episode of angina, sublingual glyceryl trinitrate taken immediately before intercourse may help prevent subsequent attacks.
Nitrates can be used safely with phosphodiesterase inhibitors i.e. sildenafil. True or false?
Which one of these are not a side effect of beta blockers? 1)Cold extremities 2)Sleep disturbance 3)Fatigue and sexual dysfunction 4) Mask warning signs of hypoglycaemia 5)alopeciaNumber
Cardioselective beta blockers are preferred in diabetes. True or false?
Grapefruit interacts with CCBs Y or N?
How many times a day must Isosobide Mononitrate be used?
What is the max dose (in divided doses)?mg
2nd dose should be given before 4pm due to risk of what?
M/R preps and isosorbide dinitrate must be taken how many times a day?
Which one of these is not a s/e of nitrates? 1)Transient hypotension 2)Headache 3) Burning, stinging, or tingling of the mouth 4) impotency
How many doses of GTN spray should be used before contacting emergency services?
Nicorandil activates which channels?Ranolozine is used as an adjunct
Nicorandil is not contraindicated in? a)Hypotension b)LV dysfunction c)Hepatitis
Common side effects do not include? i) Headache ii)Hypotension iii)Gastrointestinal ulceration IV)a second head
What is the max dose and frequency?
Ivabradine exerts its action where?
Which drug should it be used with? i)CCB ii)BB(note it can also be used in combination if the answer is contraindicated
It should be used in caution if renal function is less thant i)90 ii)60 iii)45 iv)30 v)15
It should not be started in anyone with a HR less than what?
Ivabradine interacts with drugs which alter which CYP450 enzyme?
What is the maximum dose? and freq
Max in elderly?

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