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1979Man's chest bursts open during a meal
1960Woman is stabbed to death in the shower
1992Cop has his ear sliced off by insane criminal
1968Child catcher's introduction
1973The insertion of a crucifix and use of profanity by a possessed girl
1942Mother's murder by a hunter
1928A woman's eyelid is cut open with a razor
1993Boy jumps into cesspool to hide from Nazi's
1976Dental torture is carried out on victim in order to obtain information
1988Preparing to perform surgery on a woman, a gynaecologist reveals his new instruments, made up of claws, hooks and blades
1990Leg hammering to bed stricken victim
1984Woman is surrounded by creepy crawlies in a secret tunnel
1988Man painfully takes out pieces of glass from his feet
1982A man's body is swarmed by cockroaches
1975A pit pony is killed after it wonders into a dissused mine about to be blown up
1976Girl menstruates in showers
1995Mother is murdered by her own daughter using a bag filled with brick
1985Woman dreams of a zombie attack
1941Boy turns into a donkey
1939Evil witch attacks character with a fireball before disappearing
1967Blind woman suffers a knife attack in a dark room
1990Spiders spread everywhere in a house
1973Hounds are run over by incoming train
1991Serial killer explains what he once did with a census taker
1989Man eats a cockroach
1994Woman who has OD'd is rescued by a syringe to the heart
1991Man is thrown into helicopter blades from above a stadium
1988Woman is gang raped in a bar
1971A Civil War deserter has his leg amputated
1982A doctor's arms are bitten off when his patient's chest attacks him
1980Possessed axe-wielding maniac breaks down door of room his wife and son have fled to
1986A monastery hunchback is burnt at the stake
1973A female prisoner is persuaded to sing for her german captors and is afterwards given the severed head of a fellow inmate as a gift
1984Robot performs some DIY surgery
1976Protagonist attempts to rescue a 12 year old prostitute from her apartment killing anyone in his sight
1921Shadow of vampire's hand reaches out and clutches victim's heart
1970An adventurer wishing to marry into a hostile tribe is lifted up by eagle talons embedded under his nipples
1990Dangling from the edge, a man's arms are severed on an open lift
1967Prisoner proceeds to eat 50 hardboiled eggs
1994Dead body is disposed of by two flatmates using hacksaws, complete with accompanying sound effects
1981A family's home is attacked by machine-gun wielding Nazi/monster hybrids, in a nightmare sequence
1970When a plane is damaged by enemy fire, a young soldier's entrails are revealed from underneath his coat
1976Possessed by the previous inhabitant of his apartment, a man dresses up in drag and throws himself out of the window
1987At a dinner table, a man is killed when his angry boss smashes him in the back of the head with a baseball bat
1974An intruder's nose is slit
1981An accident survivor at a hospital receives a needle through the eye by a nurse
1988Man wakes up to find he's buried alive
1972A man awakes to find a horse's head in his bed
1971After breaking into a local's house a man steps on a man-trap
1994Mother is set on fire while in bed, not before her killers wake her up
1986Whilst hiding in a wardrobe a man is witness to a rape
1974After falling into quicksand, a racist man is more upset about the loss of his buggy than the loss of his black railroad workers
1973Man smokes a leper's cigar
1979Inmate cuts off four of his own fingers
1954A landowner runs through millions of army ants that have taken over his plantation
1990A boy is shot dead by a gangster during a card game
1957Boy shoots his pet hunting dog after it contracts rabies
1978Man points at a woman and makes a high-pitched shriek
1946Pet deer is shot by its owners after it keeps destroying the family's crops
1966A group of bandits beat a gunman's hands to a bloody pulp
1993Woman is tortured by member of the mob in a hotel room
1974Dog owner eats dog poo
1958During a dream sequence, a man sitting at a medieval writing desk notices a living eye staring up at him and puts his pen into it
1962A rat is served for dinner
1989A man interrupts an elegant dinner companion by sticking a fork in her face
1990Serial killer and companion play back video of their brutal rape and murder
1953Man throws boiling coffee in a woman's face during an argument
1987Aliens feast on a bowl of alien vomit
1975Man comes face to face with a rotting head with eyeball hanging out
1967A female worker is fed to piranhas as a punishment
1978A masked killer thought to be dead is seen awkening in the background
1976Little girl is shot down after purchasing some ice cream
1976Young boy randomly attacks his parents on the way to a church
1978Prisoner bites tongue off man he's just beaten up
1972Man is raped by locals in the Deep South swamps
1963Climbing frame eerily covered by birds
1987A man has a 12-inch nail inserted into his scrotum
1986Man's genitals are found in a jar in a bathroom
1955Off screen a woman is vaginally tortured with a pair of pliers
1984Victim's head is attached to a cage contraption containing 2 rats, one of which is soon released
1979Inmate is bashed over the head with a sock filled with snooker balls
1990A botched assassination results in the victims' bodies being disposed with in a bath using acid
1978A game of Russian Roulette with Vietnamese captors
1962Man notices huge spider crawling up his chest
1983Man witnesses his cohort being chainsawed to death
1987Female stalker confronts wife and starts cutting herself
1991Woman has her arm broken and her cheek bitten into by killer
1937A Princess who escapes an evil woodcutter, finds herself deep in a scary looking forest
1971A man offers his hand to help his companion out of the water only to cut him instead
1994Real cat is tied to a chair by its four paws
1981Nazi's incur the wrath of God and are consequently melted and blown up
1979Killer drills into a tramp's skull
1982Woman who is held hostage by killer is sliced through her nipple and eyeball
1980Woman removes a man's genitals in an act of revenge
1974Man is bashed over the head by a sledgehammer and finished off by another blow while on the floor spasming
1985A woman is violently raped by trees
1976Servant girl castrates her master and lover
1992A camera crew documenting a serial killer join in with the rape, mulitation and murder of a pregnant woman
1976Two girls are terrorised in their flat. One is hung while the other is killed by a shard of falling glass
1980An arrow is pushed up through a man's throat while he lays in bed

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