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LyricShow TitleSong Title
Enough to give pause / To anyone with paws
I like your attention / But first I have to mention / You're playing with fire and your apt to get burned
You simply got to gamble / You get no guarentee
Her name is Alberta / She lives in Vancouver / She cooks like my mother / and sucks like a hoover
You're upset, you're worn out / go inside, go lie down
I told the steward to get us forty acres of lettuce and six-hundred suckling pigs for roasting
Everyone keeps swatting / Dumb kid! / Everyone keeps yelling / DUMB KID!
Want the moon and nothing less / Work for years then overnight success
LyricShow TitleSong Title
It was only a sideline that's what you said / You just needed some money that's what you said / You were going to college and get ahead
Away we'll go / Blow me high and low / for many and many a long long day
I'd like to be a big bloke, Mama / And learn that new Argentine stroke Mama
Hey when I begin to squeak it's a cross between a shriek and a quiver or a moan
Happiness is not a riddle when I'm listenin' to that big bass fiddle
Artists are part of the same human race as everyone else in this same bloody place / You learn to survive or you fall on your face
And that glorious morn Jack the Ripper was born

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