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Which movie/tv show did these characters first appear in?

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Forced Order
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name movie,tv or one shot debutextra info
Stephen Strange
Christine Everhart
Luke CageCarl Lucas
Thaddeus Ross
Taneleer Tivan the collector
Jeri Hogarth
James Rhodes war machine
Jasper Sitwell
Erik Selvig
Harold HoganHappy Hogan
Lady Sif
sam wilson falcon
Bobbi Morse
Jeffrey Mace
Ulysses Klaue
Pietro Maximoff 'Quicksilver'. includes after credits scenes
Rocket Raccoon
steve rogers captain america
Brett Mahoney
Emil Blonsky the abomination
Jemma Simmons
Natasha Romanoffblack widow
Agent Anderson
Melinda MayThe Cavalry
Danny Rand
Franklin NelsonFoggy Nelson
Pepper Potts
May Parker
Thembi Wallace
Nick Furyincludes after credits scenes
Peter QuillStar-Lord
name movie,tv or one shot debutextra info
Everett Ross
jessica jones
Samantha Reyes
scott langant-man
Carl 'Crusher' Creel
Trish Walker
Alphonso MackenzieMack
The Other
karen page
misty knight
madame gao
clint barton hawkeye
Arnim Zola
Colleen wing
Senator Stern
Cameron Klein
Edwin Jarvis
Felix Blake
tony starkiron man
Malcolm Ducasse
Howard Stark includes photo appearances
Elektra Natchios
Blake Tower
Justin Hammer
Leopold Fitz
Elena Rodriguezyo-yo
Peggy Carter
Reva Connors
T'Challablack panther
Maria Hill
name movie,tv or one shot debutextra info
Wolfgang von Strucker
peter parker spiderman
doctor List
Daisy JohnsonQuake, Skye etc
Trevor Slattery
Gideon Malick
Frank CastleThe Punisher
bruce banner the hulk
Dum Dum Dugan
Agent Cecilio
James 'Bucky' Barnesthe winter soldier
thanos includes after credits scenes
president Matthew Ellis
Benjamin Donovan
Phil Coulson
Lance Hunter
Wanda Maximoff'Scarlet Witch'. includes after credits scenes
Claire Temple
Colonel Victor Ramon
Matthew Murdockdaredevil
Turk Barrett
Anton Vanko

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