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Can you name the 5-letter words that become a new word when you delete the 'I' in it?

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I-full Clue (5-Letters)AnswerI-less Clue (4-Letter)
Come upA butt in Britain
Capital of IdahoA major speaker manufacturer
Actor Michael of 'Alfie'A curved walking stick
A place one sitsBurn severely
Raccoon relativeWinter outerwear
Revere as if someone were a godConfront with resistance
Island of US immigration90° bent pipes or joints
FrozenCastrate an animal
Lift up, usually with ropeThrow a party
Extremely angryEvaluate something
River in central FranceA body of traditional knowledge
A crazeAn elemental magical power
Innocent or overly simple in experiencePortion of a church interior
Common Sense' author ThomasSection of a window
Stacked up like a lot of paperBegged
Balance or graceSit for a photograph
Mrs. GorbachevBlank slate: Tabula ___
A font embellishmentA low member of the feudal system
Capital of BulgariaA couch relative
A step or set of stepsPolaris or Deneb, e.g.
A male suitorAn adult 'ugly duckling'
Female reproductive organsGerman student on 'The Simpsons'

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