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QUIZ: Can you name the 5-letter words that become a new word when you delete the 'I' in it?

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I-full Clue (5-Letters)AnswerI-less Clue (4-Letter)
Nitrate or chloride, e.g.Soon or presently
The foundation of somethingAn instrument larger than a cello
Thinker in the skullEdible seat coats
A series of linked loopsCharlie the detective
Assert or maintain a factAn edible mollusk
Every 24 hoursActress Tyne
A motherless calf in the herdA magistrate in old Venice
Working or movingA large instrument with a mallet
A graphic depictionA spellcaster
A Scottish property ownerAnimal fat
Indian cornA labyrinth
A flickPush the pawn to a new square
A bay windowHershiser the baseball pitcher
Wolfgang with an exclusion principleOne of the Beatles
Simple and unadornedA scheme
Suggest or propose an explanationA fence support
Erik the French composerFill until full, like your stomach
An Indian stringed instrumentAlpha Centauri, e.g.
Country of IberiaA bridge
Taking someone to courtIntoned, like lyrics
Italian Olympic hostBang a left
Kurt who composed 'The Threepenny Opera'In good health

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