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QUIZ: Can you name the 5-letter words that become a new word when you delete the 'I' in it?

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I-full Clue (5-Letters)AnswerI-less Clue (4-Letter)
Another name for a criminalA cry of unhappiness
A child, to the ScotsA farm building
Three intertwined strands of hairActor Pitt
Wrist bonesA type of fish
A footballer from Kansas CityWolfgang Puck, e.g.
Marie with 2 Nobel PrizesAntidote for a disease
Charles' former PrincessAuthor of 'Two Years before the Mast'
A demon or villainRepel an attack
Bottle-based wish granterA section of DNA
The representation of perfectionPass out cards
Religion of MohammedWin all tricks in bridge
Easternmost US StateA lion's hair
DampThe majority
Unwanted soundsOlfactory organ
Latex or oil, e.g.Breathe like a dog
One who controls the planeThe storyline
A crippling diseaseA sport with horses
Feeling remorseStep on a ladder
Developed a dislike, with 'from'An outdoor storage place
Not a liquid nor gasAlready purchased
Beer-holding mugBritish machine gun
Hindu religious teacherDid laps in the pool
Voluntarily relinquish a rightA large ripple in the ocean

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