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Can you name the 7 to 10-letter words that become a new word when you delete the 'I' in it?

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I-full ClueAnswerI-less Clue
Al2O3A female college graduate
A chocolatey dessert barDik who drew H├Ągar the Horrible
A fine jewelry companyUS President Jimmy
More buxomFirst name of US Presdient Arthur
More brashly confident thanJoe who sang 'With a Little Help from my Friends'
An evergreen treeBestow upon
Go down in value over timeBelittle or disparage
The state of arising out ofRalph Waldo ___
A non-JewKind and docile
Collecting coins and stamps, e.g.Calvin's tiger friend
Cabaret playwright ChristopherForest where Robin Hood lives
Hockey player from NYOral defamation
More worn or shabby thanA trough for livestock feed (or baby Jesus)
A very large homeCharles, the serial killer
With spouseDamaged
Not this or thatSituated below the earth
Like a royal residenceLike the sound of 'ch' in German
One seeing a doctorA license for conferring ownership rights
A rectangular wall-based columnA relative of concrete
A musical performanceRelating to the buttocks
A dreamPaul the American patriot
A sheep diseaseHurt the skin on your knee
A state of awarenessIt has a predicate and subject.
More stealthy thanA trainer, to an American
A military personAn alloy for electronics
Country in South AmericaRoosevelt, Beethoven, or Smith, e.g.

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