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Can you name the 6-letter words that become a new word when you delete the 'I' in it?

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I-full Clue (6-Letters)AnswerI-less Clue (5-Letter)
The brightest star in AquilaA site for a religious rite
PrejudicedServed as a foundation
How your skin looks when holding your breathTurn red-in-the-face
An Aussie parrotMove or give way
A carriage or a couch relativeFollow in pursuit
Like what these words are doing, in a meta senseAdhered or stuck together
Snickerdoodle or gingersnap, e.g.Sam who sang 'You Send Me'
One trying to lose weightDiscourage or turn away
This or thatOld-timey anaesthetic
The whole thingBetween in French or Spanish
Someone with a super high IQIt follows species in taxonomy
Illegal drug called smackA wading bird
In a divine mannerBerry-bearing Christmas greenery
An Alaskan island or bearA maker of camera film
A ship-based soldierRiver in northeast France
Capital of ComorosAn imbecile
3rd largest German cityChew on food
Pontius who condemned JesusA dinner dish
Long John Silver, e.g.Ramble on about
A large flounderLocation or site
Yielding or flexiblePut a seed in the ground
Strange or marked by beautyFashion designer Mary
Stay as isStaff a shift again
Jesus Christ, e.g.Enjoy the flavor of
A common preparation for shrimpA rascal
A long loud rantExchange goods for other goods
Server in a restaurantH2O
A ghost or spectreOne of the 7 Deadly Sins

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