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Can you name the all of these 4-letter things that start with the letter U from clues?

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Clue4-Letter U Word
Company replacing taxi service
1969 novel by Philip K. Dick
Home to the Pac 12 Bruins
Type of Japanese noodles
Brand name for a tangelo variety
Arm bone
A two-toed sloth
Word processing editing command
A subset of military personel
Operating system developed by Dennis Ritchie
Golden rule word
e pluribus ___
Hairstyle like Marge Simpson's
Clue4-Letter U Word
Once-time connector
Eastern European mountain range
Language of Pakistan
Amide found in pee
A continuing impulse towards a goal
Actor Michael or Singer Brandon
Leon who wrote 'Exodus'
Word for bear in constellations
One on the computer
Home to the New Jersey Generals and Memphis Showboats
CCCP, in the West
A US State
German exchange student on 'The Simpsons'
The pigmented layer of the eye

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