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Can you name the rungs in the following word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Ten-cent piece
Hemispherical roof
___ into one's own
Provide free tickets to
Violent government overthrow
Minestrone, e.g.
'The Days of Our Lives,' e.g.
Fly aloft
Wild pig
Ursine creature
Lachrymal gland output
A dark greenish blue
Narrate or divulge
Jethro ___
Sway or influence
Knitting stitch
A dark red
Hockey requirement
[first rung of the ladder] times ten
In large quantities
To be moodily silent
Polio vaccine inventor
Cutty ___
'___! The Herald Angels Sing'
Moss or Lorenz, e.g.
'The ___ Locker'
To restore health
Artificial bait for fishing
Clue4-Letter Word
To lie hidden
A person from Ankara
An enlarged walrus tooth
'From ___ Till Dawn'
Tough elastic between vertebrae
Clive Cussler's Pitt
Pub projectile
French Fauvist painter Raoul
Beer brand on 'The Simpsons'
A type of volcanic rock
The grass on a sports field
Hang ten
A medieval laborer
Me, myself or I
Offer for a price
A window ledge
A small brook
To make agitated and angry
Abnormal breathing sound
Tied-up hay
___ eagle
The ___ of Avon: Shakepeare
Jack or joker, e.g.
Material made of woven strands
'Jimmy Crack ___'
[first rung of the ladder], e.g.

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