Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Wrestling to Biblical Prophet

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Can you name the 4-letter(LEFT) and 5-letter(RIGHT) words in pair of Wrestling/Bible themed ladders?

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Clue4/5-Letter Word
First Name of WWE/WWF star Terry Gene Bollea
Mope around
What a vacuum does
A mallard or teal, e.g.
A flat portion of a ship
Head supporter
Actor Nolte
Sweet and kind
River in which [Last Rung] was placed as a baby
Clue4/5-Letter Word
Last Name of WWE/WWF star Terry Gene Bollea
Real name of X-Men's Wolverine
Type in your password (2 words)
The Nike Swoosh and the Golden Arches, e.g.
University of New Mexico sports teams
Places to find earrings
Outfits worn by the [Final Rung]
The War of the ___
Receiver of the 10 commandments

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