History Quiz / Word Ladder: When Trump Fires People II

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Clue5-Letter Word
Acting Attorney General Sally who was fired after warning about [Last Rung]
A liberal arts college in Lewiston, Maine
Disney musical '____ in Toyland'
Biblical tower that lead to linguistic troubles
The paper glued to the outside of a wine bottle
Defamatory statements in writing
Roman god of wine, fertility and freedom
River in Rome
A short fleshy underground stem, like a potato
Part of a radio that allows you to select the station
The Spanish verb to have
Jiu-jitsu trainer Gracie who is married to WWE Diva Eve Torres
Actress Zellweger of 'Jerry Maguire'
A usually French government security that pays interest
Board game named after the number 5 in Greek
A short thick tubular pasta
A silk or rayon velvet with a lustrous pile
Thomas who wrote 'Common Sense'
Put acrylic or latex on your walls
Command to get a hard copy of a document
Rupert who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies
A tiny bright flash of light
A rock that produces spark in a lighter (or a Michigan city)
Larry who published Hustler
Mike who was the National Security Advisor until Trump fired him after 24 days

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