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Hint4-Letter Word
Lincoln's wife [Part 1]
A female horse
Lion's locks
James Buchanan's niece Harriet
Put cargo on a ship
Mrs. Lyndon Johnson [Part 1]
Like a fine open fabric
Rutherford Hayes' wife
Henry who founded Time
Hair pests
Craps need
Have a meal
By __ of: because of
Julia Grant's maiden name
Coin with Lincoln
Ancient Irish
Pants supporter
Ernie's pal
Maggie and Lisa's bro
Hint4-Letter Word
Shakespeare, e.g.
Rush or Korn, e.g.
Tie up
Mrs. Lyndon Johnson [Part 2]
Cover with gold
Fish breathing organ
A type of bladder
A dance for a deb
Daring and forceful
Relayed a story
Lincoln's wife [Part 2]
Former US Senator from CT Chris
Mamie Eisenhower's maiden name
High in volume
Head of a manor
Forsaken or desolate
Temporarily given money
Hint4-Letter Word
A reddish dappled horse
Pat Nixon's maiden name
Blue-green color
A collection of Scottish households
Put your hands together
Sound of a horse hoof
Alka Seltzer sound
A snow moving vehicle
The bow of a ship
Poke at or goad
Trampled upon
1982 Sci-Fi Disney movie
Bugs or Porky, e.g.
A noble gas
TV's ___ Flux
Unknown author (abbr.)
A Celebes Ox
William Henry Harrison's wife

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