History Quiz / Word Ladder: Trump's North Korea Threat

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder featuring the full quote of Donald Trump's August 8th threat to North Korea?

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Clue4-Letter Word
'___ …'
Curds' milky partner
Adverb of time
Alt rock band of 'Ocean Man'
Unwanted garden plant
Fuse metal together
Source of water
' … ___ …'
___ E. Coyote
One of a genie's threesome
'... be met ____ … '
Follower of the Dark Side
Term to address a king
' … ___ and …'
Cost of a cab
Rabbit relative
Give a job to
Famous trumpeter Al
Clue4-Letter Word
Cause pain to
Throw with great force
Fold up, like a flag
'… ___ … '
Pavel 'The Russian Rocket'
Drawer of fish to a hook
Old-timey stringed instrument
' … ___ the world … '
Myers of 'Shrek'
Place to get coal or diamonds
Soft expensive fur
Brother in a hood
An incompetent fool
Earth's satellite
Cry out in pain
Actor Bean of 'Game of Thrones'
' …. has never ___.'

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