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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder containing all the 4-letter surnames of SNL cast members?

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Clue4-Letter Word
SNL Cast Member Anthony Michael, Rich or Brad
Vertical side of a room
Disney, the animator
Bide one's time
A very small amount
Former US or UK political party
SNL Cast Member Kristen
Arm of a bird?
Famed Chinese dynasty
A type of Asian green or yellow bean
Animal stool
SNL Cast Member Nora
Tim of 'Project Runway'
Filthy or greasy matter
Genre of 70s rock
Hockey need
A skin mark from disease
SNL Cast Member Chris
Castle on the chessboard
A cross
Street relative
Sound from a lion
A wild pig
Niels who studied the atom
SNL Cast Member Jay
Anchor a boat
Clue4-Letter Word
Deprived of significance, like an argument
A net term of excitement
Sound from a dog
SNL Cast Member Fred
Tiger Wood's sport
Au, on the periodic table
Emphasized, like a font
Nut's partner in a toolkit
Steve from 'Arrested Development'
Guest who runs each SNL episode
SNL Cast Member Colin
A prank or quip
An annoying person or insect
Not in the present
A segment of the whole
Trim edges of fruit
SNL Cast Member Robin
A levee or water barrier
Dismal or warning of disaster
Truth's partner in a game
Lacking light
Unpleasantly wet
Did like the Titanic
SNL Cast Member Horatio

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