Entertainment Quiz / Word Ladder: Sexiest Men Alive II

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder themed on People Magazine's sexiest men alive?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• First Name of 1995/2000 Winner •
Produced offspring or impregnated
Street reputation
Having both genders
Director Ethan or Joel
Roy who was McCarthy's lawyer
• 1998 winner Kennedy, Jr. •
Become a member
Nickel or dime, e.g.
Vegetable in ears
Desolate or forsaken
Traditional knowledge
Ore deposit
Fill up a ship
Greenish gem
• 2004 winner Law •
Vulgar or discourteous
Trick or subterfuge
Move too quickly through
Calm or quiet
• 2008 winner Jackman •
Very large
Winter Olympic sport
Reel fishing need
Lie in wait while hidden
•1986 winner Harmon •
Female horse
Win in chess
• 2007 winner Damon •
Romney who ran for President
• Last Name of 1995/2000 Winner •
Sympathetic sorrow for another
Large population center
Clue4-Letter Word
Make reference to
'Nick at ___'
• 1992 winner Nolte •
'___ and Morty'
• 2016 winner Dwayne 'The ___ ' Johnson •
A facial blemish
Meat from a pig
Dining utensil
• 1998 winner Harrison •
Component of a sentence
Had on
Al who lost in 2000
• 1993 winner Richard •
DNA section that carries a trait
A chivalrous man
Attended a party
The U.S. ___ of H.U.D.
• 2003/2009 winner Johnny •
Extending far below the surface
• 1989 winner Connery •
Ill-tempered or cruel
Low prolonged sound of pain
A horse color mixed with white
• 2010 winner Reynolds •
A Scottish family group
Late actor Rickman
6th month of the Hebrew calendar
• 2013 winner Levine •

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