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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• 2006 HS film '[Rung 1] Tucker [Rung 34] Die' •1
Become a member2
Nickel or dime, e.g.3
Vegetable that comes in ears4
Actor Bud of 'Harold and Maude'5
A wheeled storage vehicle6
1998 movie '___ Hardly Wait'7
One-hundredth of a dollar8
Repressed or confined9
• Actor Badgley who played Scott in the movie •10
A menial worker11
Gas used in lights12
A Norse goddess of fate14
Part of the early day15
Opposite of less16
Clue4-Letter Word
Term for addressing a king18
A location19
Make full or lead to abundance20
• Main character in played by Brittany Snow •21
A flying toy at the end of a string22
Talking car in 'Knight Rider'23
Romney who ran for president24
A small arachnid pest25
Win at chess26
Algebra or calculus, e.g.27
Drug sold on 'Breaking Bad'28
• Vegan character played by Sophia [Rung 32] •29
A tub for cleaning30
A huge party31
• Actress Sophia who played [Rung 29] •32
Break up a drug ring33
• 2006 HS film '[Rung 1] Tucker [Rung 34] Die' •34

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