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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder related to tennis?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• Hit someone's cell up •
• A large formal dance •
A bundle of hay
Corner of a diamond
A job for a lawyer
The actors in a movie
Time before now
• An overt flirting move •
Impudent responses
Enclosure for mailing something back (abbr.)
• Monopoly, e.g. •
• Amor, to an American •
• y = mx+b •
A twining stem or shoot
Tom Hardy movie villain
Clue4-Letter Word
Homer and Marge's son
Ernie's muppet partner
Capital of Switzerland
Ingredient in many chili recipes
Actor Connery of Bond fame
Reach across, like a bridge
• What a press secretary provides •
One of many on a dalmatian
• Entirely spent or used up •
'The Greatest ___ on Earth'
Put things away in a space
A hearty meaty meal
A old British gun
Reindeer in 'Frozen'
A place for baking
• Not closed •

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