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Can you name the 5-letter words in this holiday themed word ladder?

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Clue5-Letter Word
Christmas preceder?
The quality of this is not strained
One of the Weasley kids
Roost for a bird
Dry with heat
Where one might find the Great Pumpkin
Halloween figure
A hand crank for pulling
Recoil in pain
Type of holiday 'meat'?
Sixtieths of talents
___ Tirith
Clue5-Letter Word
Peanuts character who tells us of the meaning of Christmas
Queues at the mall cash registers
Material for sheets
Make more festive, with 'up'
Myst sequel
'He is ___...': Mathew 28:6
UK children's author Michael
Valentine flowers
Holder of the Commandments
Sweetener of baklava
Like Swiss cheese
Ivy's partner

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