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QUIZ: Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder themed with chained 4-letter 2-word phrases?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• A genuine person; a Madonna song: [Rung 1] [Rung 4] ••1•
Monster in the game Zork2
A common adhesive3
• Blank packet to take an exam in: [Rung 4] [Rung 9] ••4•
To weep, usually in the UK5
A giant formless shape or monster6
A formless ink stain or flaw7
A cowboy's footwear8
• A group to discuss a tome: [Rung 9] [Rung 23] ••9•
It's found at the end of a fishing line10
Ren's surname, in cartoons11
One who weeds out a garden12
A South African of Dutch descent13
Budweiser or Coors product14
Polar, Kodiak or black, e.g.15
Defeat in battle16
Act of derring-do17
Delta Upsilon, e.g.18
Swear on 'Battlestar Galactica'19
Antiaircraft gunfire20
Body fat21
Make an error22
• Relative of seltzer [Rung 23] [Rung 39] ••23•
Clue4-Letter Word
A relative of the carp and minnow24
Down a [Rung 14] quickly in a [Rung 18]25
A gangster or toughie26
The sound of dropping something heavy27
Mississippi Senator Cochran28
'___ Thing You Do'29
Excellent, slangily30
Fuel from a bog31
Chicken or beef, e.g.32
Go from ice to water33
Pants supporter34
Horror actor Lugosi35
Rope-based weapon with weights attached36
Pepsi or Dr Pepper, e.g.37
A concluding musical section38
• A person who serves malts: [Rung 39] [Rung 46] ••39•
The Greek word for 'body'40
Not all but more than none41
Sweat source43
Relative of bacon and ham44
A benefit from a job45
• A person who serves malts: [Rung 39] [Rung 46] ••46•

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