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Can you name the 3-letter words in this ladder themed on Disney animated films?

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Clue3-Letter Word
• 1947's '___ and Fancy Free' •
A wordplay joke
• 1953's 'Peter ___' •
Fleming who wrote 'James Bond'
A road-side hotel
Pen fluid
Planet of Mindy's TV mate
Mineable metal source
• 1961's '___ Hundred and ___ Dalmatians' •
Yoko who married John Lennon
Gold, in Spanish
A paid athlete
Clue3-Letter Word
Relative of 'drat' or 'nertz'
A disease
• 1981's 'The ___ and the Hound' •
A dandy
Swab a deck
Crop a lawn
At this moment
• 2000's 'The Emperor's ___ Groove'
Seat in a church
Cribbage component
Ask for alms
• 2014's '___ Hero 6' •

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