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Can you name the 6-letter words in this word ladder with a musicals theme?

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Clue6-Letter Word
1948 Irving Berlin Musical '___ Parade'
'___ of the House' from 'Les Misérables'
1946 musical 'Call Me ___'
2006 Alan Menken musical '___ Act'
Fuse by heating without melting
Christmas standard '____ Wonderland'
Glam metal band who sang 'Headed for a Heartbreak'
Thumb or pointer, e.g.
Default file manager on a Mac
Clue6-Letter Word
Maker of a Stratocaster guitar
Drunken robot from Futurama
Where Mitt Romney kept his women?
Dating app with lots of swiping
Evers and Chance's double play partner
The heart, slangily
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's 'The Golden ___'
A hoop in croquet
2003 musical based on the 'Wizard of Oz'

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