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Can you name the 5-letter words in this word ladder featuring some Dr. Seuss books?

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Clue5-Letter Word
• Environmental Dr. Seuss book: 'The ___' •
A common old-school laundry detergent
Scott, the famed American sports agent
Mr. Yeltsin
Nocturnal primate related to lemurs
Name of 18 French Kings
FX series fronted by comic Mr. C.K.
A pest in your hair
• Dr. Seuss' 'Come Over to My ___' •
What a colt or filly is
Like the mythology of Thor and Odin
Clue5-Letter Word
Open with a crowbar, in the UK
Partner of prejudice
One who is very attentive to propriety
A shriveled plum
A brown haired woman, in French
The principal force of an attack
Sportscaster Musburger
Mr. Reznor of NIN
A bit of Halloween candy
• Dr. Seuss' '___ Day for Up' •
Meet and say hello
• Dr. Seuss' '___ Eggs and Ham' •

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