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Can you name the 3-letter words in this Star Wars Episode 7 themed word ladder?

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Clue3-Letter Word
⭑ Solo, who has returned to smuggling ⭑1
Luhrmann who directed 'Moulin Rouge'3
⭑ Kanata who runs a bar on Takodana ⭑4
⭑ What [Rung 20] has part of to lead to Luke ⭑5
A tool for cleaning a ship's deck6
Sound of a breaking balloon7
⭑ Dameron, the ace pilot of the Rebellion ⭑8
A tool for gardening9
A color10
Clue3-Letter Word
⭑ General who commands the First Order ⭑11
A curse12
An interjection to get someone's attention13
⭑ Force-strong woman found on Jakku ⭑14
⭑ [Rung 1]'s son, Kylo ___ ⭑15
⭑ Birth name of [Rung 15] ⭑16
A container17
A brand of ball point pens18
The main TV producer in the UK19
⭑ Spherical droid owned by [Rung 8] ⭑20

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