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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder based on Drake's 2017 album?

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Clue4- Letter Word
Drake's 2017 Album '[1] [9]: A [21][28] by October [34]1
Skin opening2
Remove skin from fruit3
Italian cheese, for short4
Place that produces produce5
One taking a cab6
Match result7
Old wind instrument8
Drake's 2017 Album '[1] [9]: A [21][28] by October [34]9
Button on Facebook10
Michigan or Lucerne, e.g.11
Prepare a cake12
Drill into14
Put items into order16
Santa's stainer17
Clue4- Letter Word
Place to put a coin18
Story of a story19
A military strategy20
Drake's 2017 Album '[1] [9]: A [21][28] by October [34]21
A military strategy22
A custardy dessert23
Opposite of sharp24
An act of derring-do25
A party26
'___ we forget'27
Drake's 2017 Album '[1] [9]: A [21][28] by October [34]28
Fibers in a belly button29
Distance between two points30
A folder with papers in it32
A coating; old camera need33
Drake's 2017 Album '[1] [9]: A [21][28] by October [34]34

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