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Can you name the 4-letter words in the ladder based on a 2016 Academy Award Best Picture Nominee?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Stone who stars in [29] [35]1
American TV award2
Like the wood of a deciduous tree3
O'Neill's 'Desire under the ___'4
Money for the poor5
Readies a weapon6
Wheel parts7
An icy coating8
Make angry9
2000 Best Picture nominee 'The Green ___'10
Unspicy, like salsa11
Shape clay12
Color of an Academy Award13
Content or happy15
A Scottish family collective17
Blue-green color18
Clue4-Letter Word
Gosling who stars in [29] [35]19
A usually red and white horse20
Oscar winner Fontaine, Crawford or Woodward, e.g.21
Legend who stars in [29] [35]22
Columbia Pictures head Harry23
Veggie that comes in ears24
Center of an apple25
Give a hoot26
Irene who won an Oscar for 'Flashdance…'27
Julie Christie in 'Doctor Zhivago'28
2016 Oscar Nominations Leader with [35]29
Large party after the Oscars30
'Who is John ___?'31
Disney who won 26 Oscars32
Desire or need33
Hermione Granger's weapon34
2016 Oscar Nominations Leader with [29]35

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