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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder featuring teams appearing int he 2016 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• University of ___ •
Egyptian god of craftsmen
Orgs. of familes & educators at school
Veggies in a pod
• Austin ___ State University •
Speak directly to God
A fool, to a Brit
Burnable stuff from a bog
Add warmth too
Cure from disease
Home to the devil
• Seton ___ University •
Bile or rancor
A seabird
• Flordia ___ Coast University •
Sport for Tiger Woods
Clue4-Letter Word
Top Olympic medal
Storage portion of a ship
• College of the ___ Cross •
Prefix meaning many
A small horse
A small body of water
To hang freely or in waiting
Give to, temporarily
Pb, to a chemist
Mother of 6 of Jacob's sons
Walesa of Poland
• Texas ___ University •
Gauge on a dashboard
Pin for a bulletin board
A brand of truck
An old-style smashing weapon
Clue4-Letter Word
XY, genetically
Horse-donkey hybrid
• ___ University •
Chip's cartoony partner
• Notre ___ University •
Ten-cent coin
An earthen bank supporting water
• ___ University
A sandy hill
One from Copenhagen, e.g.
SNL and 'Wayne's World' actor Carvey
Actor Eric of 'Hulk'
___ fide
• ___ College •
• University of ___ •

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