Television Quiz / Word Ladder: 2015 Critically-Acclaimed Shows II

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Can you name the 3-letter words missing from these shows that are all on top of 2015 lists?

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Clue3-Letter Word
• ABC's 'Fresh __ the Boat' •
Grain common in cereal
Baseball propeller
• FOX's '___'s Burgers' •
An unruly group
• CBS's '___' •
Selleck of 'Magnum, P.I.'
Clue3-Letter Word
A small kid
A type of bird
In good shape
A pine or evergreen
• Comedy Central's 'Nathan ___ [Rung 18]' •
A rocky crag
2,000 lbs.
Over in the distance
• Comedy Central's 'Nathan [Rung 14] ___' •
Clue3-Letter Word
Ed Asner's Grant
Not high
At this moment
• Netflix's 'Orange is the ___ Black' •
Sound from a cat
A gaping mouth
• AMC's '___ [Rung 27]' •
School for doctors
• AMC's '[Rung 25] ___' •

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